Delivering Better Solutions

Coding, Billing, and Other Services for Healthcare Providers

Delivering Better Solutions

Coding, Billing, and Other Services for Healthcare Providers

A Leading Outsource Medical Billing Company Nationwide

When it comes to medical revenue cycle management, QHS in High Point, North California is the team to rely on. Our mission is to keep you financially fit as you focus on taking care of your patients.

What We Offer

We help our providers reduce costs and improve patient care with comprehensive and specialized packages. These include medical billing, coding, consultations, and reimbursement collections.

Durable Medical Equipment

One of our specialties is billing for Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Our billing specialists transmit electronic HCFA claims to the following:

  • Commercial
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Part B
  • Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers
  • Private Payers


This service provides an insourcing business model allowing your team to use our software solutions in managing your transactions. With an inhouse billing team, you gain access to claims data and patient eligibility instantly.

Audit and Appeal

We offer audit relief service packages that provide you with the knowledge and key insights to navigate the multitude of DME audits from numerous contractors.

Patient Collections

Our all-in-one solution allows your staff to concentrate on higher payoff activities. With our complete patient collections service, you can improve efficiency and develop an upfront policy in getting paid.

Special Projects

We can assist you with all facets of the revenue cycle by providing resources in the following areas:

  • Assisting in Open Sales Orders (Backlog of Unconfirmed Orders)
  • Cleanup of Old Accounts Receivable (From All or Specific Payors, Product Lines, etc.)
  • Cleanup of On-Hold Files
  • Conversions of Software
  • Obtaining CMNs / PARs
  • Payment Posting

Denials and Rejection Analysis

Our Claims Analysts help reduce costs and improve collections by analyzing each claim on the front end. This service effectively minimizes claim rejection rates and denials to get you paid faster and remove the burden of collections and claim resubmission.

Electronic Claim Submission

Reduce time spent filling out tedious forms and help your facility get paid for the services rendered as quickly as possible by submitting your claims electronically.

Training Programs and Activities


Pharmacy Billing

This program provides hands-on experience on practical projects that’s great for executives and managers. In weeks, participants can become a certified professional.


Medical Billing

Through this course, we teach growth hacking strategies and how to master it for your business growth.


DME Billing

Interact with industry experts and other key opinion leaders at our events and gain an edge in your business.

Choosing the Right Medical Billing Agency

Quality Services

When looking for the right agency to handle your accounts, these are the four key things you have to consider:

  • Accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Proven Results
  • Reliability

The agency you choose affects your profit, so it is important to study your options to stay ahead of the competition.

Competitive Pricing

Aside from considering an agency based on their performance, it is also important to ask about the cost and its inclusions. Here are examples of necessary services that less expensive companies often exclude:

  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Denied Claims Follow Up
  • Low Ticket Claims Follow Up
  • Pursuing Provider Proactively for Incomplete Information
  • Timely Patient Statement Send Out

If you think you have the answers to these points, you’re ready to choose the right agency for your practice.

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Support and Solutions

Choosing a third-party in handling your medical billing makes business easier. As you increase your bottom line, QHS eliminates your doubts and worries by providing you with different options based on your unique needs. With us by your side, thriving in the industry is easier than ever.

Trusted Experts in the Industry

As one of the top billing companies in the country, we primarily help you grow revenues faster and make your operations run smoothly. We turbocharge your billing and intake management processes to help you stay in compliance while improving DSO and your collection to billing ratio.

Our Partners

The Need for Specialized Billing Agencies

We have collaborated with Pedors Shoes with the billing process for providers in the diabetic footwear sector. Through an interview, company President Stephen O’Hare shared his opinion on the need for billing agencies based on his experience with his business.

Many qualified and critical Pedorthists have gone out of business due to the recession. On top of this, there were recent additions to documentation requirements for diabetic shoes and inserts that made providers discontinue the business because of their fear denials and audits. As result, patients needing diabetic shoes no longer have access to this product.

For Pedros Shoes, our expertise in DMEPOS billing can help in addressing the shortfall in the number of qualified providers which can reduce the denial of claims drastically.